Lean Manufacturing Consultants

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lean manufacturing consultantsfocuses on you and your business. By providing technical assistance, coaching, consulting and training we help your company in the development of initiatives based on Lean and other world-class tools.

Lean action was developed by DAK Consultants based on our experience of working with well known and award winning organisations.  The methodology includes on-site support and training by which your staff learn through practice and direct implementation. Supporting the development, integration and deployment of Lean in the organizational strategy to involve all staff in the process of business transformation and continuous removal of waste or non-value added activities. Working together creating value through cost reduction, delivery time and work in progress.

Delivering customized solutions for different economic sectors such as automotive, chemical, pharmaceutical, food, metallurgy and services among others.

Our lean manufacturing consultants assess the process of managing your business and examine all the elements, methods and systems from supply chain to human resources. They develop and implement an action plan specific to you; determine the necessary training to give your employees and conduct monitoring to ensure that new processes are maintained over time.

Lean overview.

The following are the areas in which Lean Action develops lean consulting activities:

Lean Strategy

Lean Manufacturing Management
Introduction to Lean and tools
Lean Strategy
Breakthrough Deployment
Balanced Scorecard
Lean Assessment
Lean Accounting and Valuation of Productivity
Lean leadership development
Continuous Improvement
Change Management

Lean Tools

VSM Value Stream Mapping (Mapping the Value Chain)
7 +1 Waste and Value Added Activities
Gemba - Kaizen
5S and Visual Management
Just in Time - Kanban
Cellularization - Cellular Manufacturing
Standard Work
Poka Yoke - Safe
Tools for Analysis and Troubleshooting
Thought and A3 Reports
Total Productive Maintenance (TPM)
Overall Equipment Efficiency (OEE)
Rapid Readiness Team (SMED)
Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)
Line Balancing (Heijunka)
Distribution plant
Office Kaizen
Development and Evaluation of Suppliers
Lean Services
Lean Environment

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