Improving Manufacturing Performance

The reality of today's market requires manufacturers to excel and to constantly offer their products at more competitive prices. Our lean consultants understand their clients and have the expertise and experience to cut costs, including reducing response time, eliminating waste or implementing lean production.

Expertise, competence and knowledge transfer are some winning elements that enhance the competitiveness of a company.

Lean Action is a proven approach to implementing wide variety of improvement projects.

Preparing for the future

  • Diagnosis of manufacturing processes
  • Development of manufacturing strategies
  • Increase production capacity
  • Capital investment
  • Compliance systems
  • Plant layout
  • Dynamic simulation of operations

Improving cost effectiveness

  • Value added production and Just-In-Time (JIT)
  • Implementation of manufacturing cells and integrated assembly lines
  • Improving equipment effectiveness
  • Reduced setup time (SMED)
  • Work measurement
  • Education and training
  • Reduction of material losses
  • Selection and implementation of material handling equipment, warehousing, manufacturing and packaging
  • Automation equipment and production lines
  • Implantation of materials replenishment process by Tugger Train
  • Implementation of standardized work
  • Information about defects
  • Leveling and optimization of production planning functions

Getting the Job Done Better

  • Kaizen
  • Short Interval Control
  • 5S
  • Visual Management
  • Problem Prevention
  • Standardisation
  • Formation of internal teams for continuous improvement
  • Performance measurement and scorecards
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