Benefits of Lean Manufacturing

Lean Manufacturing (Lean) is a system for improving manufacturing processes and services, based on the Toyota Production System (TPS), which can achieve immediate results in productivity and profitability.Implementing Lean seeks to achieve value creation by eliminating activities that add no value to the process and not investing in expensive high-tech systems.

Thus, the increase in productivity and profitability is done with the same equipment and staff with the company.


The lean transformation process in a company is primarily by the ordering  and reorganization of areas and change in mentality, working methods and procedures used by employees. This philosophy is supported by a range of lean manufacturing tools and techniques outlined in other areas of this site. These tools have been used widely by companies and consultants worldwide.
Experience has shown evidence of the benefits of lean manufacturing.  By implementing Lean, companies can achieve the following results on the operations, employees and customers:

    Productivity increase of 30% to 120%
    Lead Time (time from receipt of order to delivery), reduction of 40% to 80%
    Manufacturing / Product Cost, decreased 20% to 50%
    Inventory decreased from 40% to 80%
    Liberated space in the plant, from 30% to 50%
    Time to launch a new product to market, decreased 30% to 50%
    Costs associated with reduced quality by 50% and 60%

    Effective communication coordinated throughout the organization
    More effective work teams
    Reducing the need to monitor employees promotes an improved and enriched work environment
    More competent and efficient workers
    Increased motivation
    Safer and healthier work place.

    Increased response times to requests
    Increased flexibility in orders (lot sizes, references, etc.).
    Delivery of finished product on time
    Increased customer confidence

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