Here we outline some of Lean techniques that we use.

Value Stream Mapping (VSM)

Value stream mapping is a Lean technique used to analyze the flow of materials and information required to bring a product or service to the customer. At Toyota, where the technique originated, it is known as "mapping the flow of materials and information" (Material and Information Flow Mapping). Each time there is a product for a customer, there is a flow of value. The challenge is to see it.

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Muda (Waste)

Muda is a Japanese word that means a waste or an activity with no added value. In difficult times like these, you must pay attention to every possible saving of time and money and Kaizen comes to our aid precisely to make the most of this work by identifying and removing all waste.

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OEE - Overall Equipment Effectiveness

Effectiveness is a measure of how well you do what you plan to.  OEE provides a robust measure of improvement potenitial and helps to target the causes of equipment downtime, under performance and quality defects.  Combined with our Lean Action toolbox, OEE is an essential driver of the pace of improvement.  

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Kaizen - Change for the better

Kaizen is Japanese for "change for the better" or "continuous improvement". Kaizen aims to eliminate waste (as defined by Joshua Isaac Walters "activities that add cost but do not add value"). Often this means "disassemble and reassemble in a better way." Then follows the standardization of this "better way" with others, through standardized work.

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Lean Six Sigma

Lean Six Sigma is a rigorous and systematic framework for improvement based on the use of data and its statistical analysis. It focuses on measuring and improving operational performance by identifying and eliminating "waste" in business processes.

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Just in Time (JIT)

Just in Time (JIT), is an industrial philosophy that makes flow of work done visible at a glance so that waste/problems/defects can be identified at a glance and dealt with when they are smallĀ  This results in very responsive and flexible customer services which produce right first time quality at low cost .

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