DAK Academy Training Prospectus


Personal DevelopmentFunctional DevelopmentEnterprise Development

Fill in knowledge gaps & create personal development plans

arrowtable Understand how to develop your team & create functional improvement plans rocketman Understand and develop an  cross functional improvement road map

Manufacturing Project Management

Learn practical tools and processes for collaborative projecct design and delivery.

Lean Team Leader 

Develop your lean instincts and those of your team.

Creating the Lean Enterprise

How to guide the journey to flexible, responsive operations.

Engagement Skills for Managers & Team Leaders

Learn how to Engage, Motivate and manage teams that Excel.

Beyond 5S

Tools to synchronise shop floor processess, integrate value stream functions and develop high performance teamwork.

Leading Innovation, Releasing Value

Establishing innovation as a core business process

Fundamentals of Maintenance Management

Understand the basics of reliability and how to deliver it.

Lean Maintenance Strategy

How to release maintenance added value and enhance operational resilence

Early Equipment Management

 The roadmap to flawless operation from new assets and services.

Facilities Management

How to manage the base camp well.

Maintenance Audit

Assess current performance, priorities for improvement and a route map to increase maintenance value.

Total Productive Maintenance

The steps to never ending improvement in equipment effectiveness.

Fundamentals of Safety Improvement

Making the safe way the easy way.

Maintenance Planning

Learn how to target resources to assure reliability and manage work control.

Fast-track RCM

Understand how to fast-track progress towards reliable robust operational processess.



Classic RCM

How to understand and manage asset failure modes efficiently.


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